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Today was busy at the clinic and I was just catching up with some very overdue paper work when two medical students turned up for a test exam which I had completely forgotten about. One of them was a very attractive blonde that could be very flirtatious. I started off the test with some very basic warm up questions which to my surprise the lady did not know any of the answers to. This was not good for her final grade pass which she needed from me to complete the course. I asked the gentleman to wait back in reception while I had a private word with his fellow student. As I explained that I could not pass her on the test she asked if there was another way in which she could change my mind. My cock instantly started to grow in my pants as the thought of licking her tight pussy was getting the better of me. I explained that this could be awkward as I also knew her father, but this did not seem to phase her as she started to rub my cock. Just as I was getting started on making sure she earns this pass grade the other student walked back in the room and caught us both in the middle of a bad situation. But, as always, a woman knows what a man wants and soon enough he was in on the act and our threesome was well under way.