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Well it started off with just a young couple wanting some advice, as they have been trying very hard for a baby, but with little success. But the boyfriend was running late so it was left to me and this lovely blonde to try and find out just what was going wrong. I, of course, thought it was best to do a full examination of the patient, so I asked her to get undressed. When she was completely naked on the table, I gave her a pussy an examination, just to be sure. I then suggested that maybe I could help her with the situation if I donated my sperm instead. Then if she gets pregnant, this could be our little secret and no one would know any different. At first she wasn’t keen on my idea, but I could tell she really wanted children and I convinced her that this was the only way. She then reached out for my cock and started wanking me nice and slowly. Soon she was sucking on my cock, making it rock hard, ready to stick inside her. Once my cock was deep in her pussy all I could think about was her boyfriend turning up at any moment. After a few positions I was ready to blow my load inside her, but as soon as I did there was a knock on the door. Fuck, it was her boyfriend. Time to get my clothes on and back into doctor mode before he finds out.