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Busty beautiful blondes are just what this doctor ordered, and one walked into my office today complaining of stomach pains. During the course of my examination I noticed she had beautiful fake breasts, a smile that was infectious and a body that I wanted to invade like a virus. I didn’t find anything wrong with her though, but I’m sure I could find something that would require her to shed her clothes for me. Turns out I didn’t really have to, as she told me that she found men in uniforms attractive and we were flirting outrageously. I began to touch her in all the right places and her moans of pain soon turned into groans of pleasure. Within minutes I found her slowly sucking on my cock with a beautiful blowjob that had my toes curling and it wasn’t long after that I found myself balls deep in her tight pussy as we fucked on my examination table. This was easily one of the best patient consultations I’ve had for a long time as I fucked this vocal, beautiful, busty blonde to the best of my abilities. After a valiant effort on my behalf, I could hold back no longer and I shot my medicine all over her pussy lips. Her stomach ache was gone, my balls were empty and I couldn’t wait to see who was next for this magic doctors cure.