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Just when I thought it was going to be another quiet, boring day in the hospital a fresh and beautiful new patient turned up, and was coming my way. Perfect. As a new patient, she was required to fill in a questionnaire form, which she had left in reception. So I sent her back out and let my beautiful assistant know she was on her way. Let’s just say that my assistant took good care of her in the reception room. After being in reception for 15-20 minutes my new patient came back to me all hot and bothered. One could only imagine what she’d been up to. She then explained what she needed from me and I said that I could work out a deal between us. After getting her to strip her clothes off for a thorough checkup, I pressed the sexual deal for her health certificate and it was agreed. It wasn’t long after this I was fingering her sweet little pussy and had her lips firmly clasped around my cock. I then said that my cock also needed to give her pussy a thorough checking. Oh it was sweet, tight and juicy, just how a pussy is meant to feel. After we fucked for what seemed like hours I got her on top and wanted to cum on her ass. But, with her having such a cute ass, I decided to bend her over and fuck her from behind and then cum all over that sweet little ass. I think she’d earned that signature by now.