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Just another day at the office. I was filling in for the doctor while he was at lunch, I’m not sure where. I had this patient come in with some nasty muscle pain. I told him it would be better if he saw the doctor. Unfortunately though he didn’t say exactly when he’d be back but I was guessing it would be at least an hour. I told the patient that I could try a massage technique to try and relax the muscle to see how freely he could move around. He took off his shirt and trousers, he had a quite a body! He lay down on the bed and I started in the affected areas at the top of his body but I carefully worked my way down to his cock. I could see he was enjoying this massage! I gently touched it, just to gauge his reaction, when he didn’t object I put his cock straight in to my mouth and gave him a blowjob he won’t forget in a hurry. But i wanted more. I wanted him to fuck me all over this office. I didn’t care about the possibility of being caught. I wanted that cock in my wet pussy. I got on top, pulled my panties to one side and started riding him so hard. He was loving it. We got, I let him fuck me from behind, he kept grabbing my tits as he slid his cock in and out! We fucked for ages before I got on top again and he left me a beautiful cream pie deep inside me!