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As I stepped back into my office there was already a lady there, she said she was a medical student and that some of her girlfriends had recommended me to help her with some exams. You may already know that I have helped many students in my office, well at least all the pretty ones. As this lady already knew the score I wasn’t going to waste to much time in trying to convince her of anything, so I walked around the desk and we started to kiss. Then she slowly made her way down to the floor and started sucking my dick. I enjoyed looking down on her as she rolled her tongue all over the tip of my cock. I then stood her up, took off some of her clothes and bent her over my desk. I felt her body tense as I pushed my cock deep into her pussy. I was so excited that I had to really concentrate not to blow my load too quick as this lady was hot and I needed to take my time.