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This beautiful busty blonde walked in and I was instantly attracted to her as any red blooded male would be. She had come for a health check as she wanted to work abroad, so I did a general checkup then sent her to the toilet to get me a urine sample. She had been gone for some time so I decided to go to the toilets and check on her. She said she was struggling to pee on demand so I asked her to let me in to see if I could help her. I went into the toilet and closed the door behind me and asked her to stand up. I told her I would need to massage some muscles in her pussy which would then relax and allow her to urinate freely. I slid my hand into her tight, wet pussy and began to work my magic digits. As I had planned she son got so aroused that she began to stroke my cock. Before I knew what was happening she was swallowing my cock on her knees right there in the toilet. This was incredible and I needed to fuck her so badly. I stood her up and we began to fuck against the toilet wall. Her pussy was incredibly tight and wet and I needed to get her back to my office for more fun. We returned to my office where I got her completely naked and we fucked in several positions until I could hold it no more and I blew my load deep inside her velvet pussy. What better way to start a day then by giving a blonde patient a creampie.