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I’ve had some strange cases come through my door since I’ve been working here at the hospital, but this was definitely one of the strangest. A very sexy young woman comes in and tells me that she would like to have a female circumcision performed on her as she thought it would make her African boyfriend happy. There was nothing medically wrong with her, she just wanted to please her boyfriend as it was a cultural thing in his country. I had to talk this young lady out of this and luckily I knew exactly how to make her change her mind. After a brief examination I got her naked on the examining table as I said I would have to inspect her vagina. Once I had her on the table I spread her pussy lips and caressed her clitoris with my fingers. I told her that if she went ahead with such an operation then she would more then likely lose the sexual sensation of her clitoris. She was breathing heavily now and her pussy was wet with excitement. I had her all turned on and there was no way she was going to go ahead with the operation now. I decided to show her exactly what she would be missing and we fucked in various positions all over my office. She had an amazing body with a fantastic pair of breasts and her pussy gripped my cock like a vice. I held out as long as I could, confident she had cum several times and then I fucked her doggystyle before pulling out and shooting my man jam all over her pale, gorgeous ass.