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Just another Monday, going through a few old files, making sure everything was as it should be. I had a patient in at 10am, in she walks, I knew straight away I liked her. I went through the routine questions, but I really wanted to get to the check up! I asked her to take off all her clothes, (except her underwear!) and lie on the bed. I thought I’d test the water, I was checking her over and started touching her. I quickly got the idea she didn’t like it…So, I backed off, apologised and said this kind of thing shouldn’t be happening. Turned out though, she did like it! Suddenly, I find myself against the bed, my trousers down and her perfect lips wrapped around my hard cock! This babe really does know what she’s doing. She stops, bends over the bed and let’s me do her from behind. Then I put her on the bed thrust myself deep inside her moist pussy! I fucked her hard, I had to stop her screaming and tell her we mustn’t be heard! I can only hope she recommends me to a few of her friends!