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My next patient didn’t have an appointment but she said it was urgent so I sent her in. She was a very attractive younger lady that was having groin problems after falling off her roller skates. Of course this is my area of expertise so I was ready to start work. Then all of a sudden my receptionist came in and wanted to assist me in the examination. I knew what she wanted as I could tell she really liked this one and I guess I could share this patient as she does help me out a lot. I was watching her give a massage, running her finger tips all over the ladies pussy and upper thighs. I watched with amazement as she worked her magic and the whole time I had my cock in my hand wanking over all what I was seeing. It didn’t take long before the patient was overwhelmed with passion and was soon running fingers all over her pussy then got up and run her tongue all over the receptionists pussy as she moaned with delight. Soon it was my turn and I could bear the wait any longer.