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It was a quiet day at the clinic and I was playing with my phone when my sexy nurse walked in complaining that she was bored. She said she had slept badly the night before and so her body was aching all over, so I offered to give her a massage. As she stripped down to her panties I felt my cock stiffen in my trousers as her beautiful figure was revealed. It was time to oil up and get her glistening. My expert fingers glided over her body rubbing away her aches and pains and I became more and more turned on watching her body glisten with oil. As I massaged her ass cheeks I knew that I was going to have to fuck my beautiful nurse right there and then. I leaned over and delicately licked her pussy from behind making her squeal with delight and I turned her over and began to suck, lick and probe her perfect pussy. She tasted divine and her moans of pleasure were driving me wild with lust. I had feel that tight pussy gripping my cock and I slid into her right there on the examining table. We fucked passionately as a lust fever took hold of us. I don’t know how I managed to keep control of not cumming as she mounted me in cowgirl as she looked so perfect sat on top of my cock. After some amazing sex it was all too much for me and she sucked my cock with fast strokes before I exploded in her mouth. She swallowed all of my medicine and it seems we finished just in time as a knock on the door disturbed us. My next patient was here and I had misplaced my pants, I just hope my next patient doesn’t notice.