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I was running late this morning and strolled into my office only to find that the nurse had started a preventative check up without me. By preventative checkup of course, I mean I entered the office to find her and the patient naked on the examining table and out of breath from a thorough physical examination. As I assessed the situation I realized that this new patient was very sexy and didn’t seem the slightest bit embarrassed that I had caught them both naked and glowing. I quickly sent my nurse away so I could examine the patient for myself and she soon proved to be willing and able to let me explore her body. I licked her pussy before sliding my cock into her tight, wet hole. After a few strokes I wanted to feel her tongue on my balls so she drew me into her velvet like mouth and began to go to town on my cock and balls. This was turning out to be another amazing day at the office. Then this gorgeous new patient of mine rode me in cowgirl before it all became to much for me and I fired my load deep inside her. Now was probably a good time to ask if she was on the contraceptive pill or not.