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I had no patients lined up for appointments in my diary this morning so was looking forward to catching up on some paperwork when a knock on the door disturbed me. In walks a very pretty brunette who introduces herself as a saleswoman for a company and she would like me to look at the products she could supply our clinic with. I love these sexy saleswomen, they are literally willing to do anything to secure a deal. This beauty could talk as well, she was very confident as she encouraged me to look at all her products. It must be so competitive out there as when I explained I couldn’t make the decision alone but would have to talk to my colleagues, she approached me and began playing with the buttons on my shirt. She said maybe we could strike another kind of deal, where she plays with me and I help push her products onto my colleagues for them to buy. I needed no more convincing that she had the best goods when she whipped my cock out and began to feast on it. This feisty beauty was making my balls tighten and I wanted her to show me what else she could do. I slipped my cock into her tight, wet hole and fucked her fast and hard on the desk in a few positions. She was such a horny sight to behold as she told me to fuck her faster and harder, all the while rubbing her clit as her orgasms rocked her body. I even managed to get a finger in her asshole and got her to squirt. I could not hold back any longer and I pulled my cock out just in time to shoot my doctors medicine all over her stomach. An amazing morning, that’s how every deal in the world should be struck.