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I was doing some filing when I had a patient knock and come in. This guy was so hot, he had the most amazing body. I knew from the second he walked in I just had to fuck him! We sat down and I took down a few basic details before I said I’d have to examine him, to get to the root cause of his compliant. I got him to take his shirt off, walk over to the bed and drop his pants! After he did, I got on my knee’s and started sucking on his huge, hard cock! It tasted so good! I kept looking up in to his eyes as got as much of his cock as I could in my mouth! I don’t wanna be too generous though! I stand up, drop my nurse outfit on the floor, revealing my pink underwear. I get him to take it all off, get on the bed and taste my wet pussy! I could tell it was the best tasting pussy he’s ever had! But I want more, I want that cock deep inside me! He gets up, slips his cock in and out, starting slow and then fucking me good and hard! His eyes were fixated on my bouncing tits! I let him fuck any way he wanted until finally letting him cum all over my face and in my mouth!