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I was waiting for the doctor to return from his lunch break, he always takes a long time and there were no patients waiting so I had my feet up on his desk having a break myself. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and in walked a very handsome young man asking to see the doctor. This stud claimed he was the good doctors son and I got horny almost instantly at the thought of possibility of having fucked both the father and the son. I had to see if the son could fuck as well as the father could, because the doctor knew how to fuck extremely well. I told him he could wait here and we made small talk after I got him a coffee. He said he worked in a gym and I asked to see his body. He revealed an amazing physique and I knew how to get him inside me. I stripped down to my underwear asking his professional opinion on what exercises I should do to tone my ass and breasts. The sight of me in my underwear made him instantly hard and he was soon squeezing my big tits and firm ass as I undid his jeans and pulled his beautiful cock out. After reassuring him no one would disturb us, I drew his cock into my mouth. He was eager this young stud, fucking my mouth with abandon. I needed to feel his cock inside me and he was soon feeding it into me, much to my delight. This young stud could certainly fuck but I don’t think he has his fathers stamina. He would pull his cock out and replace it with his fingers as though trying to stave off the money shot. As he pounded into me from behind however it was all too much for him and he pulled out and grabbed his cock as his reluctant cum seeped through his fingers. But this was the point where I realized the saying, like father like son, was really true. Just like his dad would have, he didn’t stop there but continued to fuck em with his still erect penis. He brought me almost to the edge of an orgasm and the finished me off by licking my pussy and flicking my clit. I screamed out loud as the orgasm hit me, the glow spreading all through my body. He didn’t seem to to want to stop there, I was soon lying on my back on the desk as he continued to fuck me until finally with a grunt, he pulled out and shot his second load over my pussy lips. I don’t know about the doctor, but my lunch break with his son was fucking fantastic.