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I had a new nurse start work for me today. We sat down in my office and had a chat for awhile, just talking about her experience. All I could think about though was how hot she was! Great body, perfect ass, what’s not to like? I was showing her a piece of equipment i use and when I’d finished she just stayed next to me, leant on the desk and started giving me ‘the eyes’. You know, those ‘let’s fuck right here on the table eyes’! She gets on top of me and starts kissing me, I can’t believe this is happening! I pick her up and take her over to the treatment bed, pull over her soft, white panties and thrust my tongue in to that pussy! Tasted so good! But I want her to taste me, I get her to go on her knee’s whilst on the bed and let her suck my dick. This nurse really knows what she’s doing! She stops, bends over the bed and let’s me fuck her from behind, I love looking down seeing that ass as my dick goes in and out! I get on the floor and let her ride me before I fucked her from behind again and gave her a lovely cream pie!