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My next patient of the day was a lady who was applying for her drivers license and needed a standard health certificate to do so. This was a great way for me to give the patient a check up, but in my own special way. I started my examination and after just a few questions I was already getting hard. She was very beautiful and I did not want to waste too much of my time with questions. I asked her to remove her bra and then I examined her breasts with my hands, trying not to show that I was enjoying every minute of it. She then seemed very nervous and I asked if everything was Ok, and she replied with yes, I think I just have a thing for doctors. This was good news and now my hard on was starting to stick out of my trousers. I said I was not able to finish the examination today unless she would like to skip some of the formalities and enjoy my company. To my surprise she was very hesitant at first, but after giving it some thought she agreed, as long as no one would ever find out. I assured her that of course no one would find out and then I checked if we were alone. I walked up to her and we kissed gently and then she slowly knelt down and started sucking my cock with great passion.