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A beautiful new patient had come in for a health check and the doctor was nowhere to be found. So I decided to start the diagnosis by myself. This patient was gorgeous and I was determined to have a little fun this morning. When I got her on the examining table in just her underwear I began to stroke her soft skin and tell her how beautiful she was. She seemed to like the soft caress of my hands and I could sense the chemistry flowing between us. I removed her bra and began to suck on her breasts as I rubbed her pussy over her knickers. She was loving my healing touch and we were soon both naked and entwined on the table, as we explored and devoured each others bodies. My orgasm was intense, she expertly played with my pussy bringing me to a state of ecstasy. It was her turn to cum for me now, and I brought her to an amazing, beautiful orgasm. As we both lay there breathless and satisfied, the door opened and in walked the doctor. Just another day in the surgery for you lucky members.