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I received a call from an old friend the other day saying his daughter had some back pain. So I booked an appointment slot to see what I could do for her. When she turned up I wasn’t quite expecting such a pretty, petite girl with huge natural tits! I quickly established that it was only a small amount of muscular pain in her lower back, and showed her a number of stretches to help ease the tension in her back. I went back to my desk to write up some notes on the system, but she just kept laying on the bench. I was a little confused as I’d already asked her to get dressed… So I went back over and asked if there was anything else she wanted? She replied with… A kiss. I told her this was not possible, but she grabbed me and pulled me in for a kiss. Her soft lips were irresistible and it wasn’t long before we’d progressed to second base. We then both stripped off and after both giving each some oral sex she slid her pussy onto my hard cock. This felt awesome, a little too awesome and not long after entering her pussy, I had to pull out and spray cum over her asshole and pussy lips. But I was not done yet! She sucked the cum off my cock, and I entered her once again, fucking her doggy style over the bench, then I flipped her over onto her back and fucked her some more. I was soon to cum again, this time spraying it over her tummy and pussy lips. We got dressed and both agreed it was probably best not to let her father know about this, but if she ever wanted to come back for another therapy session, I’d be more than happy to accommodate her.