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I was cleaning the doctors office for him, he can be such a pig sometimes and leaves it messy, when a handsome young stud walked in. I knew the doctor was gone for a while so I decided to see what his problem was for myself. This ripped stud had got hurt whilst competing in combat sport and he was after some cream for his abrasions. I was after some cream myself and this guy was making my pussy drip with excitement. I told him to take his shorts off so I could examine all of him and he confessed to not having any underwear on. Then he shocked me by saying he had noticed that I was not wearing any either. Well the cat was out of the bag so there was no point wasting time. I lifted mu uniform to show him my wet, shaven pussy and he was instantly transfixed. I walked over to him and put his hands onto my pussy before reaching inside his shorts and grabbing hold of his long dick. As he kissed me we stroked each other and my pussy twitched with anticipation. I took him over to the examining table and devoured his cock with my mouth, sucking it deep down my throat and licking his balls. Soon we were making our own mess of the recently cleaned office as we fucked in lots of positions, exploring, licking sucking and probing. He fucked me hard and with great skill, I felt myself orgasm several times but time was running out. The doctor would be back soon so I told him to cum all over my amazing round ass. He fucked me hard from behind for a bit longer before pulling out and shooting a massive stream of his cum all over my arse cheeks. Now I’d have to clean the office again, but believe me it was worth it.