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The doctor and I were taking a break and I was giving him a neck massage when there was a knock on the door and in walked a patient. She had an appointment and I had apparently forgotten to write it down, the doctor does get cross with me over my absentmindedness sometimes. This beautiful busty patient had some pigmentation loss on one of her breasts and wanted to see if she could get it resolved, so she could be beautiful for her boyfriend. The doctor and I examined her breasts and I could tell he wanted a piece of this particularly sexy patient. When he left the rom to get some cream that would help her skin, I decided to show her how to massage the oil properly into her skin. My hands were soon caressing her oiled up breasts, fingers circling the areola as her nipples stiffened in my palms. I could tell from her breathing that she was getting turned on and I took a chance and started to suck on one of her large breasts. She didn’t complain so I slipped my hand into her panties and began to stroke her pussy lips. She was moist down below, so I removed her clothes and began to finger fuck her to orgasm. I felt her pussy clench around my fingers as her body shook with pleasure. I asked her if she would make me cum now, and as soon as she said yes, I was naked on the table with my beautiful ass sticking in the air. I think this patient has been with other women before as she expertly wanked my pussy, fucking me with two fingers from behind until my orgasm hit me like a runaway train. Then just as we were recovering, the door opened and in walked the doctor. I hope he’s not too disappointed that I got my hands on his patient first.