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My next patient was a student and she was looking for a job in the university of physical education, but needed a doctors report for full health to do so. She had some concerns that she would not be able to pass these tests and so a friend of hers recommend that she came to see me and if I could help. I was only to happy to help any patient in need so after a few basic tests I then told her I needed to check inside her vagina. As I was playing with her pussy I slowly got my cock out and starting masturbating when she wasn’t looking. Then I slowly approached her next to the table and asked how important was this paper work for her, she could clearly see my cock and soon got the idea. She reached out and started wanking my cock while I was still playing with her pussy, she had a good wanking technique and I loved watching her enjoying it. Hopefully she will give me a good fuck as I was now very horny and was looking forward to getting deep inside her.