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When the doctor sent me back inside his office I knew what he would have been up to in there. But what I did not expect to find was the sexy patient naked, bent over the examining table and covered in the good doctors cum. The smell of sex in the air was strong, I could almost taste the orgasms. She did not seem at all embarrassed and it began to dawn on me that I could have a little fun here also. But first I had to clean her up. As I cleaned the doctors sperm off her ass cheeks I began to question her a little, asking her if she enjoyed it and if she had ever been with another woman. I could tell she was still horny and my touch on her bare skin was getting her all wet again. I began to knead her breasts from behind and we were soon entwined on the table, locked in a passionate embrace, bodies grinding against each other as we sought pleasure in each other. I began to lick and finger fuck her pussy and it wasn’t long before my talented tongue and digits tore an orgasm out of her body. Now it was my turn, and with a little direction as it was her first time, I was soon screaming with pleasure as my own orgasm erupted out of my body. She enjoyed it a bit too much I think as she wanted to met up again that evening. Looks like I’ll be a busy woman tonight.