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Well this was an awkward situation for me, without a shadow of a doubt. I was passing a quiet morning looking at some of my previous exploits online, when all of a sudden, the wife walks in completely unannounced. I slammed the laptop shut quicker then a snake strikes and tried to appear clam. She never comes to work to see me normally, but today was different as you’ll see. We have been trying to conceive a child for a few months, but to be honest I think we’ve been unsuccessful because I’ve sprayed most of my good goo all over this office and in the reception. What little cum I have left at the end of the day goes up the wife and they must be like the walking wounded after a busy day in my office. So, she was here as she was ovulating and her psychic (yes she has one), and her horoscopes told her that she must have sex with me immediately for a successful conception. My wife is like a dog with a bone when she gets an idea into her head, and obviously I am fully aware that I have all my cameras recording. I protest as much as possible, but she was relentless and would not take no for an answer no matter what excuse I threw at her. I had to make an executive decision there and then, and I thought fuck it, I’m going to share my wife with all you lucky members. She’s so hot it was selfish of me keeping her all to myself and the idea of fucking my wife in the same office where I’ve fucked so many other women did really turn me. She began to suck my cock expertly, one of the many reason I married this gorgeous nymph. I also love her tight ass and I soon had her bouncing on my cock as she rode me in my office chair, her tight velvet pussy gripping and releasing my shaft. I bent her over my desk and began to fuck her with relish. I released her tits form their prison bra and flipped her over as I fucked her to orgasm. After her second orgasm I couldn’t hold on any longer and my cock twitched uncontrollably in her pussy as it fired my doctors seed deep inside her. I hadn’t fucked anyone else that day so you never know, that might just be the ticket to get her pregnant.