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Well having just fucked this lovely lady to get her pregnant, now I got her boyfriend knocking on my door. So we both got our clothes back on, sat back down like nothing ever happened and then let him in. He seemed like a nice gentleman and I could tell they were both in love, which made me feel a bit bad considering his girlfriend still had my spunk dripping out of her pussy. But hey, shit happens. After a few questions I then asked if I could speak to the gentleman alone for a few moments. I then proceeded to ask him if he had any other lovers apart from his girlfriend. He replied yes, that there were two other woman. I was a bit shocked at first, but no wonder he was not getting his girlfriend pregnant if he was fucking another two ladies on the side. He had nothing left in the tank. This also made me feel a bit better after fucking his girlfriend over the table. I then convinced them both to have sex under my supervision, so I could give them advice on how to improve their chances of having a baby. They agreed and I watched them both fuck each other, knowing only minutes before I was just doing exactly the same thing.