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It’s Christmas time and I was dressed as Santa to get into the festive spirit. I had a full sack that I was dying to empty and when this beautiful blonde body builder walked into my office I knew she would be the one to help me unload my balls. She sat opposite me and told me that she wanted some drugs to increase her muscle mass for a body building competition that she had coming up in the next few months. She was adamant that she would do anything to get a prescription off me and when I asked to see her figure she soon had her top off and was showing me her impressive figure. This woman was turning me on and when I told her I was unsure what to prescribe her, she came in close and began undoing my santa suit, telling me that she was willing to make a deal with me and make me feel good. Before I quite knew what was happening, she had Santa’s little helper tucked deep inside her mouth, drawing my cock deep down her throat. It felt amazing and I couldn’t wait to get this firm body wrapped around me as I fucked her senseless. What followed was the festive fuck of the season, her pussy was tight and she was very vocal, screaming as waves of orgasm shook her body whilst I fucked her all over the office. She was so horny and wild that I ended up cumming twice, once more then the real Santa will cum this year. I was getting ready to go all out for a third orgasm, when I thought I heard someone enter the building. It was another patient of mine, so it was time to clean up and get back to work. Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy your festive orgasms.