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I walked into the reception this morning only to find a beautiful blonde sitting in her underwear on the seat. What was going on here, I wondered. I rushed over to her and she told me she had begun sweating and had to take her clothes off as it was too hot in the reception area. I quickly got her a glass of water, checked her blood pressure and then I asked her to stand by the desk in the light so I could check her over. She was feeling very hot to the touch and as I ran my hands over her firm stomach my cock ached with desire. I have a real soft spot for pretty blondes and she rang all my bells. Then suddenly without warning, she started to seduce me. She told me she had not had sex for a long time and pushed my hands further down until I could feel the heat coming off her juicy pussy. We began to kiss and caress each other and I soon had her bent over the desk, panties round her ankles as I licked her pussy from behind. This woman’s body was incredible and we fucked all over the receptionists desk in a variety of positions. Her pussy clamped my cock like it was never going to give it back and I managed to make her cum a few times before I couldn’t hold back any longer. As she lay back on the desk, I fucked with hard long strokes before pulling out without a second to spare and shooting my healing salve all over her stomach. I had to open a window in here, as the smell of sex and the energy expended were starting to make me feel a little light headed also. I didn’t expect that to happen when I walked into work this morning.