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The type of woman that really gets my balls boiling is a busty, sexy, mature woman. All that sexual experience added to an amazing figure, and you have an idea of my next patient that walked into the office today. Sandra came in complaining of a bad back and I instantly noticed her breasts thrusting out at me through her top. Great legs framed by a short skirt were making my dick twitch like a rabbits nose. I got her onto the examining table and began my examination. I mentioned that bad backs could be caused by big breasts putting strain on her back muscles. She sat upright, and now I could get a closer look at them, I noticed she had a scar down the middle of her cleavage from heart surgery years ago. Now this could be my window into getting my cock deep inside this sexy woman. I told her some lies about how I knew some surgeon friends that could remove the scar and that I could get her a free consultation. She was overjoyed at this news, so then I pulled the scratching backs card. As I was helping her out, maybe she could help me relieve some of the stress from my job. She was flirting with me so I knew that she would be up for a bit of fun. Within minutes the pain in her back seemed forgotten as she was on her knees taking my cock deep into her mouth, licking and teasing the head and running her tongue over my balls. The sexual surgery deal had been struck and was in full swing. I bent her over the examining table and fucked her tight pussy from behind. I was loving every minute of this. We fucked in a few positions and I soon had those big breasts of hers flapping around as I fucked her hard. She was an amazing shag, her body was making me so horny that I deserve a medal for holding onto my troops for so long. Eventually the horniness of the whole situation caught up with me and I pulled out in time to fire my salty salvo over her stomach and pussy lips. What an incredible day at the office, now onto my next patient.