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Well it’s Christmas eve here at the clinic and I had just got off the phone to my wife when my last patient of the season arrived. She was here just a few weeks ago, but this time was felling very low and was very depressed. I asked her what had brought this on and she replied that she finds this time of year very hard and was also having trouble with her boyfriend. I then wrote her a prescription and booked her back in for another appointment. But as I continued with some paper work, I could see she did not want to leave. I asked her if everything was Ok and she then asked for a hug. I walked over to her and gave her a big hug but when I looked into her eyes she suddenly kissed me. I was a little surprised and then just moments later my cock was in her warm wet mouth and there was no way I was taking it out. After giving me a good blowjob I put her on her back and started licking her tight and now very wet pussy. My tongue was shaking with excitement as I could not wait to slowly sink my cock deep into this attractive lady while looking deep into her eyes. Merry Christmas to you all and hope you enjoy this as much as I did.