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I have to give praise to my nurse Tracy, she really does get these patients nice and wet for me whenever I leave the room with an excuse of getting something. Of course, I have to pretend to be surprised when I return, but in reality I had been crouched outside the door listening with my cock in my hand. Tracy’s fun was over however and it was my turn now. I asked her to leave us alone as I prepared to get my hands full. My patient did not seem at all embarrassed at being caught, which is always good news, and I began to massage the cream into her huge breasts. I asked her if Tracy had made her horny and when she replied yes, I began to play with her pussy. Good work Tracy, this was my easiest seduction in my office yet. She lay back on my examining table and I slid deep into her tight pussy. She was so wet and tight I thought I might have trouble containing my load. Her massive tits were hypnotic as I thrusted in and out of her, watching them swing like pendulums and I loved squeezing them with my entire hand as I probed her pussy. I needed to see those tits bouncing properly so I got on the floor and got her to ride me in cowgirl, watching as they bounced up and down like excitable puppies. I wanted to fuck her from behind next and she loved it as I bent her over the table and drove my cock inside her from behind. She had been very vocal throughout our treatment session and I was worried we were attracting the wrong sort of attention, so it was time to end this amazing session. She got on her knees and wanked and sucked my cock until my magic medicine shot out all over those amazing breasts. I told her to rub it in and call me Monday. What an amazing pair of tits.