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It’s Halloween and I had decided to give my nurse a scare as a bit of fun, so I decorated the office with pumpkins and put a scary mask on and threw a bit of fake blood over me. I lay down on the examining table and I was all set to scare her when she arrived. To my surprise and embarrassment it was not my nurse that came through the door but instead was one of my patients that I have known for years. She had come for her contraception prescription and I immediately started to write it out for her. She was inspecting my costume closely and she undid the velcro front part. When it fell away I thought nothing of it, until I turned round and she gasped out loud that I was naked. Sure enough, my cock was exposed and pointing right at her. She took it very well, in fact she seemed very turned on by it as she began to stroke it with her hand. I had always fancied this patient, she was blonde, slim and gorgeous. I didn’t hesitate when she took me over to the examining table and began to suck my cock. What followed was an explosive fucking session as I fucked this stunning nymph all over my office in a variety of positions. Her tight pussy really tested my cock control and her cries of delight almost tipped me over the edge a few times. When she was finally satisfied it was turn to cum and I shot my medicinal waste all over her tits and chest as she knelt in front of me. Happy holiday everyone, Halloween is better then Christmas for me.