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I was just cleaning up and getting ready to go home for the day when an old friend of mine phoned up asking if she could come in and see me urgently. Not one to turn a friend in need away, I said I would wait for her. Luckily she must have been around the corner or something as she was walking through the door within a minute. This blonde bombshell walked in wearing a tiny pair of shorts and complaining of a stomach ache that she’d had for a week.I had always fancied my friend but we had never done more then harmlessly flirt, but now I had the perfect opportunity to see her naked on the examining table. She removed her clothes with no protest and lay down and I began to feel her stomach, looking for where the pain was coming from. I told her I had some soothing cream we could apply and I asked her to remove her panties so I could apply it evenly on her stomach. I think we were both getting turned on as I caressed her soft skin and rubbed in the sweet smelling cream into her firm stomach. I whispered to her that I had other ways to make her feel more relaxed and she told me to go for it. Without hesitation I slid my fingers into her already wet pussy and she sighed with desire. I had been waiting for this moment for years and we wasted no time in exploring each others bodies. I swapped potions with her and after she finger fucked and licked my pussy to an astounding orgasm we slipped into the 69 position. Her pussy tasted divine but I wanted to really work her pussy with my magic hands. I got her back on her back and with my delicate touch I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit until her body convulsed with pleasure as her orgasm blossomed inside her. We both agreed to meet up again soon without our husbands, now that we had discovered how much fun we could have together. I’m so glad I didn’t go home early today.