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We had been short staffed for weeks, and I’d been hoping that the new nurse that was starting work today was going to be hot. My prayers had been answered, as she was tall, blonde and beautiful. Just what the doctor ordered. Whilst we were getting acquainted, I tried to put a few personal questions into the mix to gauge her reactions. She was responding well, very well indeed. So well in fact, that after checking the patient schedule was clear for the rest of the day, we began to take things further, a lot further. First we stripped each other and then she began sucking my cock. I was soon to repay the favour when I ate out her cute little arse and pussy over the desk. We then moved onto the main course… the fucking. This hot new nurse could really fuck and take a good fucking too. I lunged, pounded and speed fucked her sweet little pussy, which she simply loved. As you can imagine this turned me right on, causing me to blow my load. But I wasn’t finished yet! My cock was eager for more, so I plunged him back in for more action. We fucked all over the office, and when she was on her back I finally pulled out, and for the second time sprayed cum over her tits, tummy and pussy lips. Welcome to the team. I’m sure we’d get together again for another sex session soon.