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What an embarrassing situation to be caught in, literally with my pants down, my nurse naked and the stench of sex heavy in the air as a patient bustles in for her appointment. Luckily for me she saw the funny side of it and she even began to tease me a little about it. I even suspected that this had turned her on slightly, the scent of sex moistening her pussy. She confessed to not being able to even remember why she was here now after walking in on my nurse and I, then said something about a pain in her neck. I took a risk now and told her I had the best medicine in the world for a sore neck. I walked over to her, still naked from the waist down, and slid my cock into her open mouth. My gamble paid, off, instead of running off screaming, she really was horny from the sight she had stumbled upon and this mornings treatment session was well and truly underway. I was so horny from my nurse still, that I just yanked down this slim sexy patients jeans, bent her over my desk and began to fuck her from behind. Her whimpers of delight were music to my ears and I almost blew my load there and then. I had to cool my balls a little, so I took her over to the examining table and began to lick her tight, moist hole. This woman was so sexy and I kept alternating between my tongue and my cock in her tight, velvet pussy. She showed exceptional cowgirl skills, shaking her ass and milking my cock for all she was worth. It was finally time to empty these ready to burst balls of mine, so I got her on her knees and she sucked me, searching for my seed. I had held back long enough and the first volley of doctors medicine went straight down her throat, but she didn’t complain and swallowed every last drop I offered her. Life is beautiful.