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After working here at the clinic for a while now, you think you’ve heard just about every story a patient could tell you, but I was proven wrong today. This beautiful young woman comes into the surgery worried that she might be pregnant because her boyfriend came in her mouth during oral sex. I thought it was impossible these days to be so naive about sex, but she was clearly worried so I took it upon myself to give her a little sexual education. This feisty nymph just wasn’t satisfied however with me just telling her all about the birds and the bees and insisted I show her exactly what I meant. I wasn’t going to turn this offer down and she was soon showing her sexual skills as she drew my cock into her mouth. I wanted to show this sexy nymph exactly how good sex could feel so I was soon sliding into her tight wet hole as she lay reposed on the receptionists desk. We fucked in a few positions and I began to suspect that she may well know a lot more about sex then she lead me to believe as she certainly knew what to do with her body. Her tight pussy proved too much for me in the end however and I pulled my cock out just I time to spatter her pussy with my hot medical salve. Another beautiful day here at the hospital.