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I had a new patient come in today. You’ll never believe this, she’s had 3 doctors in 3 years! She was very pretty, I wanted to check she wasn’t a problematic patient! But she assured me it was just because she moves a lot. I asked her why that was and then she said something even more incredible, she’s been married 3 times! She’s only 22! I could see a picture gradually forming in my mind as I was talking to her. Her eyes were looking in to mine and I got the strong sense she was attracted to me. But I remained the consummate professional, asking her about her health. When she flagged up a slight stomach problem, I felt it best to investigate. So, she removed her pants and top and sat on the examination bed. All fine. Then she lay down and I inspected her upper body and worked my way down. I found myself gently pressing on her vagina and could tell she was becoming aroused. Before I could go any further she asked me to play with her pussy and before I knew it, I had whipped them off and started tasting her beautiful pussy! She got on her knees and started licking then deep throating my cock! I had to have her all over the room! We fucked on the exam bed, my desk, everywhere we could before I came all over her. I can see now why she was going from doctor to doctor!