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This sexy minx came late for her appointment with the doctor, so whilst he was tied up with another patient I decided to start the process with her and fill in the information card. It turns out she thought she might be pregnant, her breasts were very sensitive and her body felt different, but she was unsure so she had come to the doctors seeking confirmation. I couldn’t help but notice how flirtatious she was being with me and with no further patients booked in for the morning I decided to have some fun. I told her I would examine her breasts to save the doctor some time and she willingly removed her top. I had already mentioned that I batted for a different team sexually, and as I ran my hands over her soft, pert breasts she mentioned how pleasant my touch was. I knew then that this was going to be a very special morning and we were soon locked in a passionate embrace. I was unsure how much time we had, so we both stripped naked and I got her to sit on my desk as I dipped my tongue into her pussy to check her sensitivity levels. She was very sensitive, she groaned and moaned on the end of my tongue and her pussy tasted like sweet nectar. I could feel her orgasm approach as her whole body shook with pleasure and my oral skills soon had her cumming on the end of my tongue. I was really turned on now and when she offered to do something for me, I seized the opportunity. She had never been with a girl before but after tasting my pussy I knew this wouldn’t be her last time. I told her to stick her fingers inside me, and with her digits pumping in and out of my pussy I had an amazing orgasm right there on my desk in the reception area. We hurriedly dressed and she went through to see the doctor, I wonder what will happen behind those closed office doors with this sexy minx.