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Well this was definitely a first for me, a patient that sought me out purely to have sex with me. Normally I have to do all the seducing in my office. When she arrived she mentioned that her friend had recommended me to her, so I was a little suspicious from the very start. She was a stunning looking woman, her figure looked delicious and she had a very easy going manner. She looked physically healthy and fit and she didn’t seem to be suffering from any illnesses. But she insisted I check her out as she was determined there was something wrong. She practically took all her clothes off throughout the examination and was pressing her tight body into mine as I checked out her phantom back pains. I finally called her on it, saying that I thought she was trying to seduce me. She came clean, told me I was good looking and she was purely hear to get some sexual therapy. This was the easiest score I was ever going to get in my office, it was laid out for me on a silver plate. I grabbed her amazing fake breasts, kneading them in my hands as my cock turned into a steel bar. I put her on the examining table and licked her gorgeous, tight pussy until the juices were coating my face. I knew this patient was going to be an amazing fuck, and she didn’t let me down. She was quiet as we fucked but when he orgasms hit her, they did so in such an intense fashion I thought she was going to pass out. We fucked in lots of positions and it was taking all of my doctors training and knowledge not to explode too soon. I could take it no longer, and she wanked me off until I shot a salvo of medicinal sperm all over her and she rubbed it into her breasts and stomach. I love my job.