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When this sexy, skinny Russian came hobbling into my office with an injured leg I didn’t at first realize she might be one of my toughest patients to get wild and naked with yet. As she was a Russian tourist on holiday she didn’t really speak Czech and wanted to converse in English, but both our English skills were basic at best, so through a mixture of three languages and my trusty cock I managed to get the job done. When I saw that her injury wasn’t that bad I pretended to massage the injury and let my fingers do the talking instead, slowly creeping towards her Russian honey pot. At first she asked me what I thought I was doing, but I leaned in for a kiss and the rest was medical history. She was a sensational fuck, with my cock doing all the interpreting, she almost screamed the office down with passionate cries. I had to cover her mouth more then once in fear that someone would come in. The end result was the same, with her sexy body flushed full of endorphins, her injury disappeared, my balls were emptied and another satisfied patient left my office with soaking wet panties. I love my job.