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While I was in my office attending to my patient, Tracy on reception was going through the paper work for a new patient that had just walked in. She said she was feeling very sick and was suffering from headaches. It was not long before Tracy was running her hands over the lady, and from what she told me the patient needed very little encouragement. Then while on my way to use the bathroom I could here the high pitched moans of pure pleasure and I knew that something was going on. I opened the door very quietly to find the nurse licking the patients pussy very tentatively both of them were unaware of my presence. I made my way over to one of the seats, slowly got my cock out and watched the nurse go to work on this ladies body. She was in pure delight, and after she orgasmed she was still very unaware of my presence. I then asked the nurse to tend to my other patient, as I will now tend to hers.