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While the doctor was busy with another patient, a lady come into the clinic and was requesting some laser treatment to hide a scar she had from a recent cyst removal on her stomach. As she was not already a current patient I proceeded to take her details for our records. Then after some questions I asked to see the scar to make some notes and to give any advice, she was more than happy to show me. Then I noticed her slim tight body and big breasts and I was soon very interested. After some light flirting on my behalf I asked the lady if she had ever been with a woman, she seemed very shocked when I asked and did not know what to say, but she soon saw it as a compliment and started to smile. I gently held her hand and drew her close to me, she was tense with apprehension, then as I kissed her softly I felt her body start to relax. I knew this was just the start.