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This Blonde had a good shape body but was not one of my patients I was recommended to her by another doctor who was away on holiday, I think I know who recommended me and that she has been coming on to him in his clinic but as he is a happy husband he must of sent her over for a good fucking while he was away. She was having trouble with some pains in her groin this could just be some common cramps but I wanted to look deeper into it. I gave her an examination then I asked when was the last time she had seen a gynecologist as this may be a related problem. She said not for a while so I asked if I could give her a examination to rule out any problems she said that was fine. As I gently moved my fingers around her vagina I could feel her body tense with pleasure, she closed her eyes tight shut and gave out some gentle breaths as I slowly sunk my fingers deeper into her pussy. This soon was followed by me getting my cock out and wanking next to her, at this point she was so relaxed with pleasure she didn’t care and grabbed my cock and started wanking me. I was looking forward to giving this one a good hard fucking.