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Well this was not a good start to the day. As I was going through some files in reception a lady came in from the health insurance company asking to see all of my patients records. This made me very nervous as most of our records have false insurance dates which I had done to get into their knickers. Luckily the receptionist was out and I told the lady that all the files are in the cabinet which is under lock and key. She said she had no time to waste and then made me an offer I could not believe. She was made aware by some of my patients that I was also having sex with them to help them get treatment, they must of given me a great report as now she was hitting on me. She proposed to save us both lots of time that if we were to come to some sort of arrangement then maybe this problem could get over looked. My guess was that she had not been fucked very good for a long time and this was her opportunity to get a big thick cock deep within her. As I walked around the table and started kissing her neck I could feel her whole body go limp with pleasure, she wanted this badly and I was going to give her the fuck of her life.