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I really wasn’t feeling well this morning, I had fallen and hurt my collarbone, so I was all set to leave the office when the nurse sent me in a patient. Boy, was I glad I hadn’t left as this busty young woman strolled into my office in a pretty dress that made my cock hard immediately. She said she wanted a prescription for contraception and she couldn’t go to her regular doctor as he was friends with her mother and she was afraid her mother would then find out. I explained that I would have to examine her before I could give her a prescription and that she would have to give me a urine sample. I was dying to get this busty beauty on the end of my cock and after she explained that she had waited a year before having sex with her boyfriend and that she needed the prescription urgently, I saw my opportunity. I told her I would need the urine sample test results back before I could give her a prescription and she was very disappointed. However, I then explained that if she did something for me, I could give it to her today. She quickly got what I was trying to say and her big breasts were soon spilling out of her dress as she got on her knees and sucked my cock. She mounted me on my chair and I pulled her knickers to one side before entering her sticky, velvet feeling pussy. This felt incredibly horny, but I wanted to see those big tits bounce, so I got her on my desk and fucked her on her back. I loved squeezing and kneading her big breasts as I fucked her on my desk and her cries of delight were making my balls tingle. This was proving too much, even for a man with my medical skills. I bent her over doggystyle onto the desk and began thrusting in and out of her from behind. I had done well to last this long with those beautiful breasts bouncing around and I pulled out after a few strokes and shot a thick wad of cum onto her back. Wow, I’m so glad I didn’t leave the office early, those tits were amazing and this young beauty was an incredible fuck.