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I had no patients in the waiting room and no appointments booked, so I was about to go for lunch when in walked a beautiful blonde. She introduced herself and said she was a saleswoman for a company who supply clinics and hospitals with all the medical gear that they may need. I explained that I had a contract with another supplier who gave me big discounts, but she insisted we could work something out. She was very flirtatious and I began to understand how she managed a 100 percent success rate in getting orders out of doctors. I decided to play along and said if I recommended her company to be our main supplier, it would cost her something. She had a glint in her eye when she said she thought it might and it made my cock stiffen in my trousers. I approached her and we began kissing before I brought her round to my side of the desk and she stuffed my cock into her mouth. This girl could suck better then she could sell and I was dying to get deep inside her. She did a little striptease for me then I got her to lie on her back on the desk as I began to lick her pussy. I couldn’t wait any longer and I began to fuck her on my desk, watching her beautiful tits bounce as her moans of pleasure filled the air. I flipped her over and fucked her doggystyle, her ass was a vision to behold from behind. This woman really loves her commission because she was putting everything into milking my cock. She even mounted me on the office floor in cowgirl before I got her back up on the desk and fucked her to orgasm again. I was fast losing control of my ability to not cum, this woman was so hot and was such a good fuck. With a final few strokes I pulled out and shot my medical waste all over her pussy. Fair play, that’s one woman whose way to seal a deal will get her my equipment orders every time.