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So I make a call home and tell my wife I’ll be home right after I see this next patient. I was looking forward to it! Good food and nice bottle of wine, the perfect relaxed evening! Then this hot redhead walks in to the room. Sure she catches my eye, but I’m a professional, I quickly get rid of any fantasies that might be going through my mind. So, we start talking and it turns out she’s the sister of a nurse that used to work here! A nurse that I really did like and became, shall we say, very familiar with. It seems that she knows about me and her sister, every last detail. She makes it abundantly clear that she would like to have sex…with me. I, being the consummate professional, try to take her heart rate. But as I do, she starts to touch my cock, just gently rubbing it, I put down my stethoscope and kiss her! I get her on the bed and take off her clothes, she had an amazing body! I start to fuck her, me still fully clothed. I loved looking at her bouncing tits! I whip off my clothes lie down and let her give me the best blowjob! She really had been waiting for this for a long time! When I’ve had just enough, I get up put her on the bed and start fucking her hard. I fucked her everywhere…on the bed, the desk. And then at the end I give her a beautiful cream pie!