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Well I am new here at the practice but not new to being a good doctor as I know what my patients really need and desire, and this blonde was no exception. She had a very sore throat and was feeling quite ill, so I had prescribed her some medication but thought it was best to give her a full check up just in case. I also wanted to rule out any genitalia infections so I proceeded with the full check up. It was not long after running my hands over her very beautiful pussy that I could see it was very tight and this gave me quite a hard on. I explained that she needed to open her pussy and then asked if she had a boyfriend to help her with this. She responded that she was single and is there a chance that I could help her with the problem. So I slowly knelt down and started licking her soft pussy. She was loving my tongue slowly licking her lips and she was ready to orgasm. I could not wait to slide my cock into her wet tight pussy.