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My assistant is just so randy, she is always after my patients and today when a new patient came in I could see that she wanted her badly. So like any good doctor would do, I managed to include her in a basic check-over which led to a lot more. I sneakily hid in the corner of the room, just out of sight and watched as the action unfolded. My assistant is a smooth operator, gently caressing, kissing and then licking and fingering the beautiful new patient. Then the patient wanted to satisfy my assistant so they swapped over. Within a matter of minutes the patient’s fingers and tongue were bringing my assistant to a huge orgasm. I then pretended to come back into the room and demanded to know what was going on. After a little embarrassment I began my own check-over, where I realised that she was more interested in men, so I asked if we could take over where my assistant left off. She seemed very turned on by this prospect and seconds later I had my fingers in her box and she was tugging on my cock. Perfect. My cock was a snug fit in her tight little shaven pussy, but being it was so wet my cock glided in no problem. As she had a fantastic arse it was only fitting that I pulled out and came all over it. After a wipe down she asked me what I was going to do about her scarred knee and I told her I couldn’t really do anything about it and referred her to another doctor. Genius.