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You could say I wasn’t quite expecting my next patient as I was still fucking my assistant when she knocked the door. Then I find out it’s her sister and she needs my help with her medical records. This was all a bit bizarre and so I quickly put my clothes back on and greeted the lady. As she had no health insurance over here she wanted me to sign papers so she could join her husband on a trip to Australia. I said it wasn’t as easy as that, but then she had some very persuasive ideas that made me change my mind. She started rubbing my leg and looking at me with those sexy eyes, I slowly pulled her top down and ran my hands over her breasts. This was quite a woman. As she stood up I grabbed her arse tight then she knelt down and started sucking my cock. But I could not wait any longer, I bent her over my desk and tasted her pussy before I squeezed my cock deep down inside her warm wet pussy.