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When this handsome man strolled into the reception I felt my pussy moisten just at the mere sight of him. He was tall, muscular, confident and easygoing. He appeared to be a powerful businessman and he had arrived very early for his doctors appointment, so we began to chat which quickly turned into flirting as he paid me compliments. He came and sat nearer to me and I could feel an amazing chemistry between us, but neither of us seemed to have the nerve to make an initial first move. I made my excuses and went to the toilet, I was going to have to pull out the big guns and I put my stockings on to see if this would tempt him to make a move. When I came back into the room with my stockings on and offered him a massage he quickly agreed. Of course it wasn’t long before we were both standing at my desk as his hungry hands roved all over my body. The fact I had removed my panties really excited him and he lay me back onto my desk and began to lick my pussy like a man possessed. Desire flooded my body and I wanted to see what this stud was packing. I pulled his already stiff cock out of his trousers and wanked it into my mouth. He was moaning with delight and the next few minutes passed in a sexual frenzy as he bent me over the desk and fucked me to orgasm. We switched to a few different positions and he could fuck really well. My pussy was soaking and satisfied and we needed to stop soon as his actual appointment was coming up with the doctor. I could feel his body tense as he fucked me on the desk and he whipped his cock out and shot his load all over my stomach and pussy lips. Well, I didn’t expect such a passionate encounter with a patient this morning, but it really made my day.